Our Three-Part Promise

Better Cleaning

Keith's Hand Cleaner cleans better than anything on the market. It removes windshield urethane, Permatex (gasket sealants), fiberglass, Bondo, paint, and any other hand stainer. It is used by and for Garages, Canneries, Printing Shops, Farms, Manufacturing Shops, Paint Shops, Locksmiths, Auto-glass Shops, Plumbers, and Farmers. Keith's Hand Cleaner doesn't dissolve the grease, grime, paint, or urethane on your hands, it removes it, all while working better than a scrub brush!

Healthier Hands

Keith's Hand Cleaner uses a proprietary formula of pumice and soap. (Why Pumice?) After you dry your hands, they will feel moisturized and healthy, as if you put lotion on them. There are no chemicals or detergents in Keith's Hand Cleaner. Chemicals and detergents may do well to dissolve grease and grime but they are hard on the hands and often cause dryness and cracking. We use a natural skin conditioner combined with pure soap, leaving your hands healthy and clean. 

Save Money

Keith's Hand Cleaner will save you money. Period. Whatever you might be currently using, you will use less product and save money when you switch to Keith's Hand Cleaner. Less than ½ teaspoon of Keith’s Hand Cleaner will clean the filthiest of hands. A 20 lb. box of Keith’s Hand Cleaner for a fully staffed Auto Body shop lasts for 10 months to a year. One 13 oz jar outlasts a gallon of liquid type cleaner.