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Why does pumice make the best hand cleaner? Pumice is an abrasive, but is one of the softest abrasives on earth. That means it can scrub your hands clean without being too harsh. Pumice comes from volcanic ash. It is a natural mineral that is non-toxic and safe to use on skin. It is often used to exfoliate and wear down calluses and dead skin from hands and feet. Originally Keith Sr. and company mined it themselves from a small pumice cave in Sublett, Idaho. Now we buy it in bulk in a fine grain from Hess Pumice out of Malad, Idaho.  Pumice is soft enough to use on skin, and abrasive enough to clean the dirtiest hands. That's what makes it the perfect all natural cleaner. 

How long does your soap last? One 13 oz jar of Keith's Hand Cleaner will outlast a gallon of liquid soap.  A 20 lb. box of Keith’s Hand Cleaner will typically last a shop with seven or eight people using it every day, 10 months to a year. We asked one of our long time customers how long our product lasts. Their response was that one 20 lb. bulk box of Hand Cleaner lasts their small company (two locksmiths) nearly 5 years. Some of our customers have explained to us that while Industrial soaps work at first, they begin to lose their potency over time. Keith's Hand Cleaner has a virtually unlimited shelf life. One 13 oz jar will typically outlast a gallon of liquid type cleaner and last someone using it 3-5 times a day, approximately 2 months. 

How does it work? We use a combination of mild soap, a skin conditioner and powdered pumice. When water water is added at the sink to the soap it allows the pumice particles to spread out over your hand like tiny scrub brushes. As you rub your hands together and get each particle separate and rolling you can use the abrasive pumice to scrub your palms, fingers, nail beds, fingernails and all the cracks in your skin. 

What makes you different from other soaps like Gojo or Fast Orange? While other companies use solvents, and harsh detergents that can dry out skin or sting on cuts and sores, we don't use any harsh chemicals or heavy detergents. Our soap doesn't dry out your skin, it leaves it soft, and the pumice exfoliates while scrubbing your hands clean.