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Keith's Hand Cleaner
  • Keith's Hand Cleaner

  • About Our Hand Cleaner


    Keith has manufactured and sold his hand cleaner for over 40 years. Keith’s Hand Cleaner is the best hand cleaner on the market for thorough cleaning. 

    This is his story in Keith’s own words:

       “My Dad was a mechanic and a rock hound. He was always looking for something better to clean his hands. As a rock hound, he was always searching the hills in Southern Idaho for arrowheads, precious minerals, and he had even staked a precious metals claim near Sublett, Idaho in 1921 (the same year I was born). My son, Keith Jr. and I were led by a friend who knew the area very well, to find a tobacco can with the written claim inside still sitting on the cornerstone of the claim in 1977, some 56 years later.”

       “In these same hills in Southern Idaho there is an abundance of pumice or volcanic ash. My father and I experimented with the pumice to make a hand cleaner that over a few years of trial and error turned into the formula we use for Keith’s Hand Cleaner today.”

       “Originally we used picks and shovels to dig the pumice out of the hillside, load it in gunny sacks, and haul it back to Rupert, Idaho where we crushed the pumice stones and ground them into a fine powder for use in our hand cleaner.”

                                                                                 Keith L. Wilson


    Keith, Jr. now runs the business in the footsteps of his dad, Keith Sr., passed away at 88 years old.

    All of our pumice comes from Hess Pumice, Inc. in Malad City, Idaho, a major supplier of pumice around the world.


    1921 Grandpa Wilson makes precious minerals claim in Sublett, ID

    1921 Keith Wilson is born in Tremonton UT

    1949 Keith and Uncle Charlie begin digging pumice in Sublett (signatures and dates carved on cave wall)

    1950 Keith develops formula for Keith's Hand Cleaner

    1959 Keith Jr. is born

    1960 Keith incorporates in Rupert, Idaho for the first time

    1976 Business washed out in Teton Dam Disaster (located in Sugar City, ID)

    1977 Keith coaches Keith Jr. in HS Varsity football

    1980 Keith & Keith Jr. make selling trip to Albequerque and Dallas (prior only sold in Idaho)

    January 2009 Keith Jr. focuses full-time on Keith's Hand Cleaner

    August 2009 Keith Sr. passes away (88 years old(

    2018 Keith Jr. expands business online