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Keith's Hand Cleaner

Industrial Strength - All Natural - Biodegradable - No Chemicals - No Detergents 

Skin Conditioning Hand Cleaner


Keith’s Hand Cleaner is an abrasibe powder. You use it with water, and it will clean better than a scrubbing brush, yet it will leave your hands feeling like you put lotion on them. Keith’s Hand Cleaner is a pumice based, volcanic ash, and it contains a mild soap and a skin conditioner.  It contains no chemicals and no detergents that can cause problems with dryness and cracking.

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Our Customers

Our Customers

We have customers all over the country that have been using our hand cleaner for a very long time (some over 40 years). We are the original Industrial Strength Hand Cleaner. Tire shops, print shops, automotive repair, greenhouses, auto glass, factories, muffler shops, auto body and paint shops, radiator shops, etc. Anywhere you work that you get your hands dirty, Keith's Hand Cleaner is  the best solution for keeping your hands clean and healthy. 


"Other Hand Cleaners I have used leave my hands dry and cracked. Keith's Hand Cleaner leaves them soft and smooth."

Our Favorite Customers

"We have used Keith's Hand Cleaner at our Locksmith shop for over 40 years! We always keep it in stock because it is the best soap we have found."